Q: Is this a real working application or made for entertainment purposes?

A: The TAPS App was created for paranormal investigators by paranormal investigators and it’s a real tool.
It was designed to remove the high cost of buying  numerous pieces of equipment and putting the tools together in one application at a fraction of the cost.

Q: Will you be making an Android app? When will it come out?

A: We are diligently working on the Android version of the app and expect it to be finished in a few weeks.

Q: Will the app be compatible with the Kindle Fire? What about BlackBerry?

A: Sorry, but the Kindle Fire does not have the required sensors needed within the device. We have no current plans to develop for BlackBerry, as we are concentrating on Android and iOS updates.

Q: How does the TapsApp turn the device into an EMF detector?

A: iOS devices and Android devices already contain a magnetometer. The TapsApp utilizes the functionality of this hardware that exists in the device, to detect abnormal electromagnetic changes.

Q: Sometimes my current elevation does not get pulled in to the app. Why?

A: The amount of geo location information available is based upon the cell towers in your area .

How does it work? 


Many devices contain a magnetometer in their hardware. This detects electromagnetic fields (EMF). The TapsApp software harnesses the functionality of this sensor and allows the app to detect abnormal electromagnetic changes.


 The Geophone measures vibrations and movement on the Earth’s surface, using the device’s accelerometer sensor. It is similar to the technology that predicts and measures earthquakes. As part of the TapsApp, the Geophone component helps discern movement or vibration of a potential entity.

Audio Recorder:

 The audio recorder is an essential part of the TapsApp. It is used to record the audio environment around the device. This enables the capture of E.V.P. or electronic voice phenomena. The audio recorder uses the internal microphone built into the device and the internal storage capacity to store audio files. 

Main Screen Buttons:

- Cases: allows you to pick an existing case or start a new one.

- Mark Moment: Marks a moment and captures information for that moment. The EMF level is stored and if a recording is in progress, the position of the recording is marked. Moments are marked manually by clicking the Mark Moment button. They can also be automatically marked  when a recording is triggered by the EMF Meter or Geophone.

- Analyze Data: Shows the list of Marked Moments associated with the particular case. 

-Help: Shows the help content.


Link to the TAPS APP