It would take me forever to list all the ‘So called haunted locations’ I know of.
I’m going to show my respect to those who’ve worked so hard on already doing so.
One of the best people I know on this subject is a good friend of mine, Dave Juliana.
Dave has been a dear friend for nearly 20 years and has helped me on many things.
He’s an Author and the Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal
South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal  is apart of the
  TAPS Family .
The TAPS Family is made up of independent groups that work hand and hand with T.A.P.S.
Covering every State in the United States and more then 40 other Countries,
The TAPS Family is the largest Paranormal Network in the World.






Dave Juliana has spent years documenting Haunted locations.
You can check out his list that covers State by State on his Shadowlands website.