Black Eyed Children, Exorcists and Spirit Communication

Black Eyed Children, Exorcists and Communication This Monday from 9pm – Midnight Est time is one #Hawesome show. See what I did there?lol   David Weatherly ­will discuss his findings and his books on “The Black Eyed Children” and “Strange Intruders.” Chris Bores ­ is a Paranormal Communicator. He ... Read More


To all the #Hawesome #GhostHunters fans. Here’s the iTunes link. It’s free, Merry Christmas and enjoy. All I ask is, Just please like and rate it for us.  

Straight and honest discussion on BRR

We like to talk, laugh and have fun, And we aren’t afraid to call BS on something. Head over to the Beyond Reality Radio website and grab the FREE Android and iPhone app.  You can listen live while on the go, Chat directly with us during our live shows and download any past shows all for ... Read More

Articles for the Haunted and the Hunters

I’ve put together some articles to help out those dealing with a Haunting, Researching the Paranormal and also Investigators looking for tips. If these articles help even one person then they’ve performed their intention! For the Hunters   Types of Hauntings The Underworld Exposed Guarding against Skepticism Schizophrenia or Psychic abilities? For the Haunted Is ... Read More

5 years ago Ghost Hunters aired its 100th episode

Later today I head to NYC to do some press for the upcoming season. Tomorrow morning Steve and I will be on Fox & Friends at 7:50am. So if you’re not awake, record it. I’m trying to do a bunch of press to let everyone know that we are coming back. The main reason is, ... Read More

Want to know where we filmed?

  Here’s a list below of the locations we investigated for season 10 and the dates they will air so far. Also adding in a 5 days till sneak peak video and a nifty little countdown clock. Like usual I ask for you all to share and help get the word out.   Ghost Hunters ... Read More