Articles for the Haunted and the Hunters

I’ve put together some articles to help out those dealing with a Haunting, Researching the Paranormal and also Investigators looking for tips.
If these articles help even one person then they’ve performed their intention!

For the Hunters


  • April Simmons

    Fantastic! Thank you.

  • Christina Margaret

    So when you have a spirit that hurts you how do you get rid of it? Asap get rid of it

    • Brian Fisher

      “If you believe you’ve got a non-human spirit, contact TAPS asap!”

      • Christina Margaret

        I have tried I am waiting to hear back from them. I am hoping one of the taps people read this and contact me cause this is not a joke

  • Anne Logan


  • Amanda G

    Thank you for sharing. I also wonder about people being misdiagnosed with mental illness. I have a family member that I believe has been misdiagnosed.

  • Lisa Miller

    Thank you for the info. Is it common for these entities to be able to mimic a family members voice when they aren’t there? I really wish I hadn’t played with a ouji spelling? board growing up:)!

  • Bodie Miars

    Just rec this link. So sad to have missed the meet and greet. We use to come up to the Spalding Inn, Mt. Wash and many others. Will keep up better since I no longer do overseas work… Love the show, always will.. Thanks again!! Lori

  • henry saenz

    I have started a group in Texas just like to know what of insurance would I need to start our service? I thank you for you help if you can.