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We wanted you to hear it from us instead of thru the grapevine.

When we first saw the Spalding Inn, we fell in love with it, but it was dying. It needed help fast or it was going to be gone forever.  We put in a lot of time, money and energy bringing it back to life. Now that it is resurrected, we have come to the conclusion that we simply do not have the time to run it.  We are looking for someone to take the entire property and all the stuff inside her from here and keep that beautiful building alive. 

 The location is stunning, serene, beautiful, and full of character. It has a rich history that is alive in the architecture and ambiance of the locale.  It deserves owners as caring and understanding of the property as we were, but who have the time that we simply did not.


If anyone is seriously interested, please contact: 

Kay Gruwell – 603.391.5156 of the Bean Group – 800.450.7784