App is available for Android and Apple systems here at Jason’s Store.

Understanding how the Taps App works and why we created it.

First off, the main reason we downed the Taps App was due to the
#1 complaint in this field,

We wanted to create an application that would save everyone hundreds of dollars to people on equipment and make it available to anyone who wanted or needed it.
From seasoned investigators to moms and dads wanting to figure out what’s going on in their home.
The more people who use it the better.
We are now working on a online community where app data can be shared and people can connect with one another.

There are several paranormal mobile applications on the market currently. Many of them are for entertainment purposes only, and are listed as such on the stores.
The TAPS app is NOT a ‘For Entertainment Only’ application.
In fact, Fuzzywhite Hawes spent several days in discussions with Apple on what we were able to do with the sensors inside the phones.
Due to this, they allowed us to put it in the ‘Utilities’ category instead of Entertainment.

The TAPS app can be trusted as an accurate and effective tool for investigations.
Here is why.
Mobile devices are really micro computers. They have serious computational power. Tasks can be accomplished on a mobile device today that would have taken a room full of computers just 30 years ago.
Mobile devices have sensors that accurately detect the environment in which they are being used.
For example, geolocation can be used to pinpoint where the device is located. Cell tower triangulation is often used in law enforcement to locate a missing person.
Also, a large number of applications on the market rely on the very slightest movements of the device.
The reason these applications are very popular is because the movement detection is accurate.
Movement detection is accomplished by the Accelerometer sensor.
This sensor is so accurate that it can detect the seismic movements of the earth.
Mobile devices also have a Magnetometer sensor.
This sensor detects the slightest variations in Electro-Magnetic Fields.
It is perfect for what we do.

There are those who suggest that a mobile device should not be used for paranormal investigation.
We would strongly disagree.
Here are some of their reasoning offered and our rebuttal for each.

1) Mobile phones can be a distraction because people can get text messages and phone calls during an investigation

#The answer to this is simple – if you are using a smart Phone instead of a tablet or Ipad then during case use it in airplane mode.
Airplane mode stops the device from being able to receive or send any data. However, the sensors all still work so you can still investigate.

2) The magnetic readings cannot be trusted on a cellular device because of data bursts.

# If you are using a smart phone then Again the answer here is airplane mode.
There can be no data bursts in airplane mode.

3) Cell phones are just not as good as dedicated equipment for paranormal investigation.

#This is just not true.
Mobile devices that have the features discussed above cost several hundreds of dollars (unless you sign up for a long term contract).
Smart phones and tablets are sophisticated micro-computers -much more sophisticated then a single purpose $100 EMF meter.

Here is the bottom line. If you have a mobile device, you have paid good money for it.
If you can use the computing power and sensors of that device for investigation, why wouldn’t you? You bring your laptops to a case correct?
What matters is that the application you are using is accurate, trustworthy, and tested in the field.
We have spent nearly an entire year developing the TAPS app to assure that it is a valid, useful investigation tool.
If we were not confident of the validity and usefulness of this app we wouldn’t use it ourselves.

App is available for Android and Apple systems here at Jason’s Store