5 years ago Ghost Hunters aired its 100th episode

Later today I head to NYC to do some press for the upcoming season.
Tomorrow morning Steve and I will be on Fox & Friends at 7:50am. So if you’re not awake, record it.

I’m trying to do a bunch of press to let everyone know that we are coming back.
The main reason is, I’ve been approached by some fans recently and I was bothered with what they told me
They thought the show had been canceled’.

When I asked, ‘Why?’
The response explained it all
‘They only watched Syfy when they heard ‘Ghost Hunters‘ was coming back on, And since Syfy and many other channels didn’t promote their shows returns on other channels they just never knew when ‘Ghost Hunters‘ or many other shows they liked were coming back on.

That amazes me. I do not understand that thinking nor control it, I Wish I did though!
But, I have to admit,  I’ve missed complete seasons of shows I watch or follow, Or found out halfway through a season that it’s back on.

I guess you have to follow online these days to know when something you enjoy is coming back on.

I want to personally thank you all for the help with getting the word out about our August 26th premier.  
It really means a lot to us.
To think, 5 years ago on March 3, 2010, ‘Ghost Hunters aired its 100th episode from the legendary studio 8h. ‘SNL Studio’.
That’s amazing.. And only because of your support,
We’re well over 200 episodes now and airing in more then 140 Countries.

You’ve made the show a success.
But being able to interact, Meet and Communicate with you is what’s made us want to keep going with it.

T.A.P.S. has been around since the 1990’s, ‘And because of you’, the show has been around since 2004. 


Like usual, Please share and let the fans who don’t tune into Syfy ‘Unless Ghost Hunters is on’ Know we return this coming Wednesday .lol


  • Jo

    I didn’t have cable for a year due to loss of job but today I was able to get it back just in time for Ghost Hunters I am so psyched!

  • Mary Giadone Lee

    OK guys, I love ya! Can’t wait to watch the new season!! I have told everyone who will listen to watch. Just wanna know? How come my “clock” is saying the show starts in 6 mins ??? LOL I know it’s a glitch, but, nothing like teasing us!! LOVE TO ALL!!

  • Melissa Beeles

    I can not wait to watch the new season…. I really miss your Halloween specials… any chance of one this year???

  • Heather Kelly

    You guys have been such an inspiration to myself and my fledgling team. I’ve followed the show since the very first episode, went into labor with my oldest son while watching the show (I refused to leave for the hospital until it was over!!), and have enjoyed every moment. I’ve saved for years to get equipment-doing investigations with very little in the meantime- and I’m finally ready to get my team out there. TAPS is our role model team!! Thank you so much for everything! I hope to see many more seasons!

  • Kay Lachance

    as a first season fan, it has been extremely frustrating. I have written to SyFy…hope it has made a difference. You are the real deal…glad they FINALLY listened!]

    • Jerry Arnett

      I wrote SyFy also, without much of a response. Instead they thought people would believe in falling Sharks from Tornadoes and being alive to kill all the humans out there in the sharks path. Yes much more believable then the Paranormal! Gimme a break! Lol

  • mary

    I have it scheduled to record on my dvr so when it comes back on I know it, and if I do not it records anyway

  • Cathy Marie Cavalcante

    HURRY UP WED NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jerry Arnett

      Yes I couldn’t agree more! But, I do!

  • Bea Dery

    Can’t wait… seems like forever since last show aired!!!

  • Jerry Arnett

    Jason, one of the biggest problem has been SyFy, you all had made an announcement late last year. You were supposed to be back on in February of this year. Then SyFy decided to go in another direction by airing Sharknado. I guess they thought that was much more believable then the Paranormal. I have to admit, I was surprised when it gathered a following and they started airing other shows of Sharknado 3d & other stupid crap. Last year, they sh I we’d you guys a total of 2 times at 4-5 episodes each time. It has been a long time coming guys, Syfy, just showed some old shows last week or so, 2 days in a roll. Otherwise you all have been on SyFy again, just 2 times. It has been impossible to get news. I am on your site, which was how I found out about y’all coming back. You guys and gals, have been missed!

  • Rodney Hooper

    when are you coming to Ohio? We have a lot of hauntings around.

  • Jerry Arnett

    Ghost Hunter’s are the best in the business. Jason has been a great mentor to me as well!

  • Sherri Charles

    i have watched from the very beginning, i have seen the dynamics of the show change and grow, but one thing i could always count on was the fact that GH has the most integrity of the paranormal, and always tries to explain away natural occurances. keep the moyyo going. WHEN IN DOUBT THROW IT OUT. love all of you.

  • Goethe11

    MPI (Modesto Paranormal Investigators) will all be watching it!!

  • Cathy Hart

    Loved that you filmed in Louisville, KY again. I just wish I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake!!

  • Christine Gorsuch

    Getting our snacks ready and just waiting impatiently for the team.

  • Christine Pysher Foster

    I can’t wait. It seems like forever since the was on. This is the only ghost hunting show I watch and believe. I love that you try to debunk before you accept that there is anything there. Love, love, love you all. Never stop what you’re doing.

  • Dawn Dickson

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!!! Got the DVR programmed just in case also.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Syfy has cancelled most of the shows I liked (Destination Truth, Haunted Collector, Fact or Faked, Eureka, etc.) So, if I didn’t follow you guys on Facebook, I wouldn’t know you were starting a new season!